Through Sicus, Eduard Pie shares his way of understanding viticulture and the wines it produces. It is a philosophy based on the importance of expressing the terroir in wine, a product so deeply dependent on and connected to the land. 
We bottle the landscape: Our hallmark is to craft wines that are true to their origin, which is why we guarantee, manage, and preserve each of the factors that make up the terroir. Our obsession with honest winemaking techniques results in fresh, taut wines with a low alcohol content.

The weather

Behaves differently each year, leading to certain nuances in the vintage year’s personality and turning the wine into a liquid summary of what has happened in our microclimate. This is why, instead of irrigating our crops, we let the rainfall shape the personality of our Mediterranean landscape.

The soil

Contains the underground part of the vine, the roots. Although it cannot be seen, it is still of great importance because the soil nourishes the plant and regulates its strength and the concentration of its fruits. For this reason, we keep our soils partially un-ploughed, enabling a variety of grasses to grow and aerate the earth while encouraging all kinds of underground and flying insects and animals to live and thrive.

The grape variet

Behaves differently depending on the terroir. At Sicus, we believe that to extract a variety’s maximum potential, it is best to work with its terroir of origin, where the grape has been adapted to grow for many years. This is why we choose to work solely with the varieties native to the Massís, selecting the ones best adapted to our area: Cartoixà, Cartoixà Marí, Garrut, Sumoi, Malvasía, and Macabeu.

The winegrower

Is a humble orchestra conductor assigned to the countryside surrounding the estate. At Sicus, we understand that we must guide our vineyards to a state of maximum harmony, never forgetting the fact that all the other species are necessary for the perfect melody to be played.
That’s why we practice sustainable, eco-friendly viticulture, listening to the earth, using organic methods instead of herbicides or insecticides, and encouraging a biodiversity of fauna, flora and insects.

Massís de Bonastre

El Massís de Bonastre is an extensive mountainous area that stands between the Alt Camp and Baix Penedès plains. Located beside the sea, and with the mountains keeping it cool, this is a very special spot, and at the same time, a clear example of a typical Mediterranean landscape.

The urban centre of Bonastre, the lowest point in the valley (170 metres above sea level), is surrounded by vineyards, olive trees and the rolling hills of the massif. It is here that we find the different Sicus estates. All are nestled in the mountains, practice sustainable viticulture, and encourage maximum biodiversity in the natural environment around them.