The vineyards: the Massís of Bonastre is a vast mountainous area that rises between the plains of the Alt Camp and the Baix Penedès.  With the sea close at hand and with the fresh mountain air, this is a very special place and a typical example of a Mediterranean landscape.

The small town of Bonastre is at the lowest point of the valley (170 metres above sea level) and is encircled by vineyards and olive groves within a gentle mountain setting.  The various Sicus vineyards grow in this area,  all surrounded by the mountains.  Here we practice sustainable viticulture and foster  as much biodiversity as possible in the surrounding countryside.

The estates producing wine from single vineyard parcels are:

– La Caseta
– La obaga del gojo
– El roldonar
– El satgeti
– La Masia
– Les solanes