Sicus is a way of viewing viticulture and winemaking. This philosophy recognizes the importance of expressing the terroir in a “food product” which is as dependent and interrelated with the land as wine as.

The winegrower is like the humble conductor of an orchestra, and this orchestra is the Nature within which the vineyards grow. In Sicus, we therefore believe that we must conduct the vineyards to achieve the greatest of harmony, bearing in mind that all the species which surround the vines play an essential part in creating a perfect melody …
For this reason, we practice environmentally-friendly viticulture, without the use of herbicides or insecticides, fostering a biodiversity of animals, insects and plants. When we transform the grapes into wine, we try to ensure that the fruit expresses itself to the fullest, making certain that the wine’s aromas and flavours come exclusively from the grapes. In some cases we use porous containers such as clay amphoras that allow us to micro-oxygenate the wine while respecting all its aromas and flavours.
Ultimately, the wine grower, who of course plays a key part in the making of the wine, must guarantee, manage and respect the other elements which together make up the terroir.

The soil contains the underground part of the vine; its roots. These roots, which are not visible to the eye, play an important role, because it is through them that the soil feeds the plant and regulates its strength as well as the concentration of the fruit. For this reason we work in shallow soils, low in moisture and containing little organic matter.

The soils are not ploughed, allowing all types of grass and weeds to grow. This makes the soil swell and is beneficial to the underground life of worms and ants. It also helps us to curb the vigour of the vine and obtain much more concentrated grapes.

The grape variety behaves differently depending on the terroir where it is planted. In Sicus we believe that a grape variety will only achieve its maximum potential if it is cultivated in its home territory, where it has spent many years adapting. It is for this reason that we decided to cultivate only native grape varieties from our mountains, selecting those which are most suitable for our area, Cartoixà, Cartoixà Marí, Garrut, Sumoi and Malvasia de Sitges.

The weather varies from year to year, creating different nuances depending on the personality of the vintage ,and turning the wine into a kind of “liquid synopsis” of what occurred in a small micro-climate over one year. We do not irrigate the vineyards for that reason, letting the rainfall shape the characteristics of our Mediterranean landscape.